Friday, July 18, 2014

Rock Buns

Rock buns are very easy to make. They're often the first baking mothers do with their children in Ireland and the UK.  The results are quite tasty and not too sweet!


8 oz/ 225g flour
2 tsp double action baking powder (2 tsp baking powder UK)
4 oz/110g soft butter
2 oz/ 55g brown sugar
4 0z/ 110g raisins
2 oz/ 55g dried chopped apricots or currants or candied fruit skin
1 medium egg
2 Tsp vanilla extract
1 - 3 tbsp milk - I often use 1/2 water & 1/2 cream
Brown sugar for sprinkling
Oil for greasing, if you are not using Silpats
Optional: add 1 tsp mixed spice or any other spice you like.  


Soak the raisins & apricots or currants overnight to plump them. Drain in a sieve over a bowl before using and use the residual water in the dough instead of extra milk.

Heat the oven to 400F/200C/Gas 6

Sieve the flour and baking powder into a large mixing bowl, add the softened butter and lightly rub together with fingertips (or use the chopper pictured below) until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. I like to use the chopper.

Add the sugar and the fruit and mix until all ingredients are well incorporated.

Beat the egg, vanilla and 1 tbsp of the milk in a small bowl and add to the flour mixture to create a stiff dough. If the mixture is still dry add the fruit water, milk or cream/water mixture 1 tbsp at a time until required consistency.

Line two baking sheets with wax paper or use Silpats: these sheets are pricey, but save you money for wax paper and a lot of work and they last for years. You then place the Silpats on the baking sheets to bake just as if you were using wax paper.

Place golfball size mounds evenly spaced on the 2 baking sheets. Sprinkle with the brown  sugar. Makes about 30 small buns.  You can make them bigger, if you like, then cut them in half across and serve like a scone. They will take longer to bake if the mounds are larger. The pictures at the top and bottom of this entry are the larger version.


Bake in the preheated oven for 15 - 20 mins or until golden brown and risen. Serve with whipped cream or butter or your favourite preserves. Enjoy!

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